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This recording is an example of music that could once have been the music of the Laotian and Khmer kingdoms.Independent of the history which followed, it belongs to Laos. Fortunately for us, in the early part of 2007 some of the last musicians of the former

Royal Orchestra of Luang Prabang agreed to record part of that anthology. These musicians merit the respectful consideration of the Lao people because they are the custodians of very important part of Lao culture and history, dating back approximately 600 years. This recording will allow the next generation to appreciate this heritage.

On this CD you will hear ancient pieces from the Royal Lao courts, musical pieces from Phralak Phralam (Ramayana Lao), three pieces with Chinese influences, ending with three vocal pieces in a specific Luang Prabang style known as Kab Thoum Luang Prabang.

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The music of the ancient court of Luang Prabang is recorded once again in this audio document of that which is most rare and precious. The quality of interpretation of a repertoire known by some and forgotten by others, make this recording so exceptional.

"Lao Classics" presents more songs of the repertoire "Ike" and "Kab Toum" as well rare vocal pieces and also some court music of Chinese inspiration.

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This orchestra, called “Maholi“, possesses an exceptional virtuosity; in spite of the average age of the musicians being less twenty years old.  Established in 1996, the Home of Childhood for Culture and Education has become a tremendous vehicle for the preservation of a cultural heritage little known outside of Lao.  Most of these pieces are odes devoted to joy, the elements, fruits or flowers. Here, we could be crossed by a nostalgic shiver, mixed with a childhood’s perfume or happiness.

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This fourth collection of Lao Classics is full of rare and exciting recordings. M. Khampheng Thammavongsa, Professor at the International Vientiane school of Music & Danse, is one of the best regarded musicians of his generation. M. Khampheng conducts an orchestre of eleven members, accompanied by three singers, who perform some of the most beautiful and rare Lao musical pieces.

These otherworldly pieces are an integral part of the cultural identity of Laos.

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For the first time in its history, all the musical pieces of Phralak Phralam in their entirety can be heard on an accompanying CD, recorded by the orchestra of the Royal Palace of Luang Prabang. This CD is accompanied by a small descriptive booklet in three languages.

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