The Theatre today

 The theater will soon present four new shows of Ramayana Lao, bringing to nine the total number of complete choreographic shows which will be performed.

Every evening, two of these choreographic shows forming part of the Ramayana Lao story are performed. The complete story can be seen over several evenings. These performances will amaze you with the beauty of the gestures of the dancers, the colors and the costumes, and the splendour of the numerous masks which compose the pantheon of this magnificent epic.

The ancient Lao music possesses an enchanting mystery, which may be enjoyed as part of a choreographed dance ensemble, or can also be listened to in its purely musical version. Recordings of various performed works are available at the theater and on this site.

The theater has more than one hundred dancers, and dancers come from any everywhere in Laos, and every family of the city of Luang Prabang takes pride in having their children in the troupe of the royal theater.